James Clarke
December 26, 2022 - January 28, 2023

Collected on a Yashica Electro 35 using Fujifilm 200 film.


This is the first roll of film I’ve ever shot in my life. I had the camera on f4 most of the time, note that the battery wasn’t working at the time of the first shots (Part 1). This has an effect on the shutter speed, with it being fixed at 500. (based on comment section of this review) Also, this may mean that I could have been over exposed, or under exposed at times. Without the battery, the red and yellow indicators that help you set the aperture settings don’t work as intended.

Fast forward - most of the reel ended up being low quality. There are a few moments that came through with some more character and clarity than others, which I highlight below. It excites me to be at a place in this practice that has so much room for growth. I’m suspicious of the state of the camera given the low quality of the captures so I’m planning to run some more careful experiments on my next reels to try and pin down usage. I want to determine whether there is something more structural going on. Regardless of the quality, I found the photography process sublime. The way that I interpreted my surroundings felt enhanced - I felt present, focused on finding special moments from the continuum of life to freeze, and share. The practice helps me find deeper appreciation for the saying - “you can’t ever step into the same stream twice.”

Part 1: Habitual Genesis at Zilker

First portion of roll taken 4-6p at Zilker park in Austin, TX. This was the first warm day after having a winter storm (~10 deg F) blow through for Christmas holiday. I strolled around and began to explore the photographic process.

Part 2: City in Motion

I took the bus downtown with the goal of collecting some images of the city in motion. There was one shot in particular that I recall feeling excited about when I captured it. The sun was gently splitting the gap between two high rises and illuminating some window cleaners wearing harnesses and jumping around on the side of the building. They seemed to be in a state of play, which I tried to capture as they bounced from one window to the next. Despite its almost complete lack of form, I included that capture here as a testament to the moment.

Part 3: Vertigo

Feeling a bit shell-shocked from my father’s accident, I took a few photos to document the experience in the ICU at University Hospital in San Antonio. Of all of the blurry photos, this one of him, as he faded in and out of consciousness, feels appropriate in its blurred form. It manages to capture the warped essence of the reality that all of my loved ones and I were feeling during that time. It is as if the physical state of the camera mirrored my emotional state during the capture.

Part 4: Farewell

Going away! These photos were taken at a surprise going-away party for my friends Zach and Marissa. A few blurry takes here - but enough to capture the moment of support, joy, and appreciation shared by friends - celebrating them as they embark on their new chapter.